Dumpster RentaL

Why use Grissman Dumpsters?

We are a family-owned small business focused on delivering an exceptional service experience to our customers at a reasonable price. Our goal is to meet or exceed our customer expectations every time. We have to capacity and capability to service small, medium and large projects. 


Offering only 20-yard containers allows us to provide quicker, more cost-effective rentals to our customers including same-day delivery and pickup. Our customer reviews are a testament to how serious we take customer satisfaction on EVERY order. When you call us you will always be talking to an owner.

What is included with Grissman dumpster rentals?

All our rentals include delivery of the container, pickup on or after the end of the rental period, and tipping of the contents into the landfill. We don't include tonnage - this means that you won't have to pay for tonnage you don't use (e.g., if your load is between 1-2 tons, you won't have to pay for 2-4 tons).

How can I schedule my dumpster delivery?

Feel free to use our easy to use online booking platform to enter the delivery address, pickup and delivery dates and the type of waste you’re disposing of as well as any special instructions and check out quickly online 24/7.


If you’d like to talk to someone before ordering, no problem! When you call Grissman you will always talk to an owner and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and confirm your order information over the phone.


We offer same-day delivery when orders are placed before 11AM, and we can book as far out into the future as your project requires. 

What can I put in the dumpster? Are there any prohibited items?

Our customers use our services to get rid of construction and demolition waste, furniture, household clutter, roofing shingles, siding, among many other things. 


We do accept yard waste, dirt, concrete and other aggregates - these items can be heavy and exceed the 6 ton (12,000 pound) capacity of the container. If you have materials that are very heavy give us a call and we can work with you on loading levels to keep the container under the 6 ton limit.


Mattresses and appliances have additional charges as noted in our contract. We cannot allow any flammable or otherwise hazardous materials such as paint, gasoline or other chemicals - call us if you have a specific item you’d like to check on.

Why are 20-yard dumpsters the right option for my project?

Since there isn’t a significant reduction in cost to provide smaller dumpsters, and there is increased inefficiency of having multiple sizes, we choose to offer one size at the best possible price. We often hear that our 20-yard containers are similarly or more competitively priced than companies who provide 10,12 and 15-yard options. 


Rather than order a smaller dumpster for the same price and potentially need a swap-out at an additional cost, book with us and have the capacity you need.. If your project needs more than 20 yards of capacity, we can deliver multiple containers to provide you with the room you need!

Is there a discount for swap-outs if needed?

YES! We do offer a small discount for swap-outs, based on the length of time you need the additional dumpster. Swap-outs currently start at $279 which includes another day added onto the original rental period and another ton of waste included. If you need a swap-out and several more days, feel free to give us a call - we will work with you to find a solution for your needs at a reduced cost.

Will my dumpster be picked up automatically on the day my rental ends?

We typically pick up the container within 3 business days of the end of your rental. If you find you need more time or need it picked up on the day the rental ends, just let us know!

Are Grissman dumpsters driveway safe?

We take great care to protect your property and always bring blocking to put under the wheels on the dumpster if being placed on concrete or asphalt, or other finished surfaces. For placements onto dirt or gravel we typically place the container directly onto the surface. Your driveway will be safe from scuffs. 


While it is extremely rare - concrete damage due to the weight of the truck and its contents are the responsibility of the customer.

Do Grissman dumpsters have a door?

All Grissman containers have a door at the rear of the container to allow easy loading of bulky items like furniture. The door is 8 feet wide, so if you’d like to be able to open the door, simply request the container to be placed at least 10 feet from the garage or any other barrier. 


If you do open the door, be sure to close and latch it after each opening to avoid unintentional opening when loading from the top.

Do I need to be home for pickup or delivery?

NO! As long as the area you’d like the container delivered has been communicated and is clear of vehicles, snow, or other barriers, there is no need to be home at the time of delivery or pickup.

Do I need a permit?

If you are having the container delivered to your driveway, the short answer is no. If you do not have room in the driveway and would like to have the container placed onto the street, we may need to check with your local municipality to see if a permit is needed. We will not place our containers into an alley.

How much space is needed for the container?

Our containers are 8’ wide, 6’ tall and 14’ long. The hook lift truck we use for pickup and delivery requires at path at least 10 feet wide and at least 50 feet long with at least 14 feet of vertical clearance. Overhead wires or other obstructions should be communicated before order.


We typically do not have any issue delivering containers onto driveways that are at least 20 feet long - please give us a call if you have concerns about clearance!

Do you recycle roofing shingles?

Yes! We even offer a discount for containers that exclusively contain roofing shingles. Recycling shingles diverts material from our landfills. Additionally, shingles can be ground and used to make hot mix asphalt which is used to make roads. Talk about a win/win!

Does Grissman offer special pricing for contractors?

We do offer contractor-specific pricing based on the areas you operate, industry and typical duration of rental. We do hundreds of rentals per year with contractors and are looking to add more contracts to our portfolio. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

What payment methods do you accept?

For online booking we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.


For phone orders, we can accept all major credit cards, as well as cash/check payments at time of delivery or in advance. For cash and check orders we do require a credit card on file for tonnage overages and item disposal fees such as mattresses and appliances. 


Either way you book with us, when your order is completed we will charge your card and send you a detailed final receipt for the overages and item fees (if any).