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8 Tips for Loading a Dumpster

8 Dumpster Loading Tips To know FOR SAFE & EFFICIENT DISPOSAL!

In this article, we provide 8 tips for loading a dumpster! Whether you’re planning a home renovation, cleanout, or a roofing project, you should know some helpful tips and tricks ahead of time to make it a smoother, safer, and more efficient process.

No matter if you’re a home or a business owner performing a large-scale renovation or disposing of excess materials, Grissman is here to help you.

Let’s take a look at 8 helpful dumpster loading tips:

Tip #1: Set Your Dumpster in a Practical SPot for Easy Access

To start with loading the dumpster, make sure that you choose a practical spot in your driveway or work area. While this may go without saying, ideally, the unit should be placed as close to your work area as possible. Working on a large property? Be sure to place the dumpster in a central location for easy access from multiple areas of the jobsite.

When you reach out to your local dumpster company, make sure they know exactly where to deliver the unit. You will also need to make sure you have moved any vehicles or stationary objects out of the way to ensure the company can deliver it and that you can safely access it also.

Tip #2: Break Down Boxes & Other items

Now that your project has begun, make sure to first break down any boxes or larger items to create space for even more items to load. We recommend that you flatten the boxes and stack them neatly. For other items, you can try to break apart them into smaller pieces to make room.

You can break down foam, concrete, drywall and other materials so that it is in its smallest state possible. We also recommend taking apart your cabinetry and furniture.

Tip #3: Load Dumpster from front to back

When loading your dumpster, you should start at the front and then work your way to the back. Not only is this better for accessibility, but it will help you make the most out of the space. You should try to load/organize the items in a logical order. 

Lastly, you should push materials to the sides to create more space in the middle. Your 20-yard roll off dumpster will have a rear door to allow you to load your items in that way.

Tip #4: Load the heaviest items on the bottom

In addition, you should load the heaviest items at the very bottom of the dumpster. Do this to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly and to prevent the container from becoming unbalanced and tipping over.

So when filling a 20-yard dumpster (or larger), you’ll want to distribute heavier materials along the bottom and pile all lighter items on top.

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Tip #5: Distribute the Weight Evenly

Not only should you place the heaviest items on the bottom of the dumpster, you should also make sure you have distributed the weight evenly throughout the dumpster.

You should also fill in any gaps or empty spaces with smaller items to help distribute the weight better.

The reason it’s important to distribute the weight in the dumpster evenly is because the dumpster can otherwise shift during the loading process or transit.

Items can roll around and even tip over the dumpster, possibly injuring someone in the process.

Dumpster Rentals in the Fox Valley

Tip #6: Fill In the Gaps

To help with filling in the gaps, use smaller items to prevent items from shifting around while the dumpster is being transported. Also, be sure to stack items neatly. If needed, you may want to also utilize bungee cords to keep items in place.

While you should fill in the gaps in your dumpster as best you can, be sure to not overfill the unit.

Tip #7: Don't Overfill Your Dumpster

We want to highlight that you shouldn’t overfill your dumpster, since it is both unsafe and illegal to do so. To properly fill your dumpster, ensure that all items are below the top of the dumpster and that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the container.

We recommend tarping your dumpster to prevent any items from flying out while the unit is being transported. However, if your dumpster is too full, some items should be removed prior to tarping it. If you have any questions about filling your dumpster, please contact our team.

Tip #8: Don't throw Away Hazardous or Prohibitied Items into the dumpster

Lastly, make sure you educate yourself on what items cannot be thrown away or recycled in a dumpster. Hazardous materials to watch out for include: Non-alkaline batteries, old paint/paint thinner, motor oil, gasoline/gas cans, propane tanks, spare tires, medical waste, power tools, and more.

Here is some more information about items you shouldn’t put in a dumpster when cleaning out your home. If you don’t remove any prohibited items, it will likely incur additional costs.

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Why choose Grissman Land Management & Dumpsters for dumpster rental and waste removal services? To start, we’ll provide you a dumpster that is the appropriate dumpster size and weight capacity for your project’s needs. In addition, if you have questions about what materials you can or can’t dispose of, we can help you. 

Our company also hires experienced drivers who can safely transport the container to and from your home, construction project site, or business to take the headache out of the loading process!

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